Use the best inside you

A group of 4-Hers met recently to learn how to make pastry shells. Side by side they added each ingredient using the same recipe; yet, no two pie shells turned out the same.

I was stumped until I looked at the ingredients each used to make their shell. Those who used a finely ground grade of flour had pretty, delicate, flaky shells. Those who used a poorer quality of floor had tough shells which fell apart when they tried to pick them up.

Just as you can’t make a quality pie without quality ingredients, you can’t make a quality life without using the best that’s inside you.

Bakers use the best flour to make their best bread. Seamstresses use the best cloth for the finest gowns. I bet golfers even use the best balls for their most important tournaments.

So when it comes to creating the masterpiece of your life, why would you use anything but the best that’s inside you?

Why grab a bargain brand when the name brand is right there on the shelf next to it?

We choose which ingredients go into the mix of our daily actions. We can grab a cup of kindness instead of bitterness. We can mix in a quality brand of respectfulness, or settle for the cheaper brand of spitefulness. We can pay a little more for love, or get by with hate.

Our choices will determine the quality of our pie shell.

If you’ve got to make a pie, why not make it  your best pie. It takes the same time, the same energy to do it well as to do it poorly.

So why give anything less than your best to each product, each task, each assignment each day?

Live the best that’s inside you.
Be the best you that you can.

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"You don't become happy by pursuing happiness. You become happy by living a life that means something."

Harold S. Kushner in
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