Just load the wagon

"Don’t worry that the mule is blind,
just load the wagon.”

What a jewel of a lesson.

I don’t remember where I first read that quote, but it stuck in my head.

Just load the wagon—keep plugging along; keep doing what you’re supposed to do; keep handling what needs to be handled; keep going; keep believing; keep working—even when you can’t recognize where it’s all going to lead.

Just load the wagon.

Those of us who like to keep a tight handle on details (who could that be?) have a real problem with this. We like to know, from beginning to end, what’s expected.

A blind mule is just too much for us to accept. How can the wagon get where it needs to go with a blind mule in the lead?

We’re quick to throw a wet blanket on plans which don’t seem to have any hope of success. We lack the faith to believe the blind mule can get us where we need to be.

We forget that the greatest projects of all have faith as their guiding motivation.

Faith takes over in the absence of details.
Faith finds a way in the darkness.
Faith guides the mule.

I know a great lady. Cindy Huff’s battle with cancer is a great example of faith in action. Cindy didn’t know how her cure would come; she just knew it would. She just kept loading the wagon, trusting the mule would get her where she needed to be.
And it did.
Faith continues to guide the people “loading the wagon.” Every time you see a group working on a community service project, you see someone loading the wagon. No doubt, some thought it couldn’t be done. . .  wouldn’t be done. But it did. And off that mule went, dragging that wagon down the trail.
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"Faith takes over in the absence of details.
Faith finds a way in the darkness.
Faith guides the mule."
Judy Mae
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