There's been a death,
but no one died

We’ve all dealt with death, physical death where a person we have loved no longer breathes. We had no say in when they left. We have no say in being able to see them again. We had no say at all.

But, there is a death we do have a say about — the death of a once-treasured friendship.

Maybe it was a disagreement between friends at the kids’ sporting events. Maybe it was an argument in the family about money. Maybe it was a difference of opinion among sisters. Maybe it was jealousies over family possessions.

It may have been silly. It may have been very important. Either way, it’s fixable. . . starting and ending with you.

Without “I’m sorry,” those unkind words and deeds, once said and done, continue to float around us, wear us down, keep us unhappy. Forgiveness and “forgetness” never come because they haven’t been asked for.

Yet, asking for forgiveness is only part of the solution. When my children argue, they are “required” to say “I’m sorry,” but the other is also required to then say “I accept your apology.” The matter is then done, forever. It’s not allowed to be brought back up in the next argument because it’s forgotten.

Without acceptance of the other’s regret, forgiveness is not complete.

Clear the air around you. Get rid of those past hurts and disappointments which weigh you down and keep you from embracing life.

Ask forgiveness and accept other’s forgiveness of you.

Forgive others.

Get beyond it. There’s a whole world waiting for you.

Do something about this death before you don’t have a say anymore—before there’s no one left to say “I’m sorry” to.
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"God loves me enough to let me go through all the lessons I came here to learn, even the ones that hurt the most. His presence doesn't deny me. It's always there to help me see and understand what I came to this planet to learn."

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