Promises to myself

I will not let small, simple minds make me doubt my own worth or capabilities.

I will not look to others for my strength.

I will not allow the size of my worries to determine the depth of my joys.

I will not throw away my belief in the goodness of humankind because of the cruelty of a few humans.

I will not expect miracles, but I will accept them.

I will not expect my children to act, think, respond or love like adults.

I will not cry in sorrow, only for joy.

I will not try to get even; who wants to be equal to an idiot.

I will not allow money to dictate my decisions.

I will not allow my problems to be an excuse for not helping others.

I will look upon the morning sunrise as if it were the last one I’d see for eternity.

I will believe in fairness, knowing it rarely, if ever, happens.

I will remind myself how lucky I am to have children who get dirty before church, who color on the walls, and who ask for just one more story.

I will do without and realize how much better I am without it.

I will marvel at how the world works and chuckle at those who think they discovered why.

I will remind my children that perfection is not their mother’s desire.

And I will look at this list whenever the world causes me to forget.

The Journey
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Promises to myself
God loves me enough to let me go through all the lessons I came here to learn, even the ones that hurt the most. His presence doesn't deny me. It's always there to help me see and understand what I came to this planet to learn.

Melody Beattie, "Finding Your Way Home"
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