You have to keep your glove on

I‘m a Chicago Cubs fan.

I love Wrigley Field’s ivy.
I love the Bleacher Bums.
I love Sammy Sosa.

And I love the fact that sometimes you can catch a homerun ball without even being in the ballpark.

Every Cubs home game, the young and not so young hang out behind Wrigley Field to catch homerun balls which go over the walls and out of the park. The street fans listen for the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd; then they look up, waiting.

Sometimes we need to be reminded to look up and be ready for greatness to fall into our outstretched glove.

Good things sometimes do happen, or as Melody Beatti says, “Sometimes, we don’t get what we want. . . But this is a benevolent universe. And once in a while, we do.”

Are you ready for your “once in a while?”

Are you ready for the ball to fall into your glove? Sometimes the home run ball falls into our glove; sometimes it hits us in the head.

Looking up makes all the difference.

We must never lose faith that today or next game or next year, our luck will change and what we’ve been waiting for will finally be ours.

The moment we stop looking up expectantly, we risk losing what we’ve waited for.

We must not stop looking up.
We must not stop expecting miracles.

One day, the Cubs will win the World Series.

One day, you will catch that homerun ball; one day you will get what you’ve been wishing for; waiting for.

I wake up every day and say to myself, “Maybe today’s the day it all turns around.” Just because it didn’t happen yesterday doesn’t mean it won’t today. And when the night falls without catching that homerun, I fall asleep believing that tomorrow will be different.

Maybe it’s just a Cubs thing, but I’m not sure how I’d face the day if I didn’t believe that something good was bound to happen.

And, usually, it does. It may not be
the life-changing moment I was
expecting, but it is still good,
and that’s good enough for me.
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"Sometimes, we don’t get what we want. . . But this is a benevolent universe. And once in a while, we do.”

—Melody Beatti
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