It isn't fair, but it's life

A young man sat on the Indiana riverfront most of the day, gun to his head as police watched. Suddenly the world became audience to his personal pain, his disappointments and his dreams which never came true.

He must have thought about how different living life was from dreaming life. He must have thought how hard it was just to survive some days. He must have believed that the pain he felt right then, probably a familiar, long-lasting pain, was never going away.

To get to the point where he thought taking his life was his only option, he must have felt no hope that tomorrow would be better. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be better when yesterday’s tomorrow wasn’t better.

When pain lasts so long it’s hard to believe that any tomorrow will be better.

But it will.
That young man finally decided it would.
I believe it will for all of us.

There are days that life isn’t fair—days when you don’t get the things you worked for all your life, days when you can’t be with the people you love, days when children cry and people hurt and possessions are lost. It isn’t fair, but it’s life.

But, tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow may be tomorrow, or it may be three days from now, or four weeks, or two years, but tomorrow will be better.

Maybe tomorrow is the day you find the person you’ve waited a lifetime to love. Maybe tomorrow is the day you’re given back things taken from you. Maybe tomorrow you’ll remember childhood joys, like playing basketball or making snow angels or carving a Pinewood derby car, or singing out loud, or holding your best friend’s hand.

Don’t rob yourself of tomorrow’s joys by dwelling on today’s pain.

Live the pain and move on to tomorrow—move on to a lifetime of tomorrows.

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It’s hard to believe that tomorrow will be better when yesterday’s tomorrow wasn’t better.
Judy Mae
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